Music Clips

Retiree, “Gundagai”

Starring Yenzi. Directed by Jack Peddy; Produced by Lara Gissing; Edited by Jack Peddy; 4k Dragon. Angenieux 25-250 and Schneider Kreuznach vintage lenses.

Client Liaison, “Free of Fear”

Directed by Jack Peddy; Produced by Anita Spooner; Edited by Raechel Harding; B Cam Alex Cardy ; 4k, Red and Epic. Angenieux 25-250.

Vaudeville Smash, “Devil Said

Directed by Darius Devas; edit Mirabai Nicholson McKellar, Steadicam Glen Clayton; Scarlet 2K with Zeiss S16 lenses

April Maze, Don’t let the bastards bring you down, 2013.

Directed by Tim Marshall.  Produced by Fran Wang-Ward. Shot on 8mm

Crossing Romeo, “No Need for Names”, 2012.

Directed by Rob Innes, Produced by Rachel Tan. Scarlet 4K with Cooke Zoom.

Brett Winterford, “Hey Make Believer”, 2012.

Directed by Stuart Willis. Produced by Lee Matthews. Scarlet 4K, Red Pro Primes.


Stuart Willis and Lisa Cookson are a creative team to say the least: here is a link to Stuart explaining how Hey Make Believer was made.

The Jeans, “Stay”,

Directed by Tim Marshall, 2012. Red One 4k with Cooke Zoom.

The Tiger and Me, “The Smoke”.

Directed by Ty Johnson and Dave Budge. 6 DSLRs and operating by the good peeps from Sideshow Alley.

Loon Lakes, “In the Summer”, 2011.

Directed by Tim Melville. 8mm Ektachrome

The Fearless Vampire Killers, “For You and Me”, 2010.

Directed by Tim Melville.  Cinematography with Joel Betts. DSLR

Wilfred Jackal, “Rooms”, 2010.

Directed by Tim Melville,
Cinematography with Joel Betts. RED One, Zeiss 11-110 @2K

Dekoda, “Magodatron”, 2010.

Directed by Joel Betts. Grade by Ferg Halley. Red One 2k, Zeiss 11-110.