Drama and Comedy

Dream House, A comedy directed by Paul Andersen and produced by Sonia Esposito, 2017. Premier at JIFF, Classic Elsternwick 31/10/17.

There’s a Bluebird in my Heart, Directed by Simon Trevorrow and produced by Scotness Smith. Winner of Best Short at the Australian Directors Guild Awards, 2016.

RestorationScience Fiction thriller directed by Stuart Willis and Produced by Toby Gibson, 2014: streaming on STAN September 2016 to end of 2018.  Can be viewed in episodic format on The Dust Channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfX4YkNvncY 

Winning, A comedy directed by Philip Booth, 2015

Enough, A comedy directed by Philip Booth, 2015

Meeting Susan, Directed by Darius Devas, Produced by Adam Farrington Williams. 2014; screened at Sydney Film Festival, 2014

Moo, A comedy directed by Sam Hunter Galloway, 2013.

Goldie, Directed by Tim Churchward, Produced by Jasper Bagg. 2013

In Dust and Ashes, Directed by Tom Seah, Produced by Nikki Tran. 2013

Roy and Betsie, Directed by Stuart Willis. 2012. Top 50 Trop Fest. 2013

Hypochlorite, Directed by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner, 2012. In Russian!

Alone Together, Directed by Michael Mackenzie, 2012.

MegaSlap, Directed by Gus George, 2012

The Romance of Exile, Directed by Charlie Ford. Short for Fashion Week, 2012, for VIRR of Sydney. Screened at ACMI, Fashion Week, 2012.

Hath No Man, Directed by Linus Koh, 2011. Gold Award for Short Film and Judges Award for Best Entry in All Categories, ACS (Vic), 2012. Multiple awards in festivals. I am not credited as the cinematographer on this copy, but see IMDB for official credit.

Battlefield, Directed by Tim Marshall, 2011. Screened at Frameline and many others.

Two Men in a Back Yard, A comedy directed by Vi Truong, 2011. Also screened at Frameline and many others.