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I am a cinematographer, living in Melbourne, Australia. In 2014, I was lucky to be the cinematographer for a Science Fiction Film, Restoration which is now screening on STAN, directed by Stuart Willis and produced by Toby Gibson. I have shot 18 short films, a similar number of music clips and a handful of documentaries since moving on from a previous life as a water engineer at the end of 2007. Earlier, I lived long term in Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, as well as in Australia and the UK, and have travelled extensively.

I am passionate about drama and the visualisation of story. Like many shooters, I am fascinated by light and camera movement and the never ending challenge of trying to get to grips with both. I love the collaborative nature of film making, especially the synergy between director, production designer and camera department.

Australian Cinematographers Society; Victoria Branch:ACS top_logo

Gold Award for Drama or Comedy Series – Telefeatures, 2016, for “Restoration”

Gold Award for Short Film, 2016, for “There’s a Bluebird in My Heart”

Gold Award for Corporate and Educational, 2014, for “Norwood”

Judges Award for Best Entry in all categories, 2012, for “Hath No Man”

Gold Award for Fictional Drama Shorts, 2012, for “Hath No Man”

Nomination for J-Award (ABC Triple J), 2014, “Free of Fear” for Client Liaison.


My company is Roving Picture Films Pty. Ltd.

Our gear hire list includes:
  • Scarlet Dragon Camera, and a range of 35mm and 16mm format PL mount lenses (including Red Pro Primes, Cooke zooms, Zeiss primes and zoom, Schneider primes and a set of vintage Bausch and Lomb Baltar lenses in BNC mount)
  • Aaton XTR S.16mm camera kit
  • JVC GY LS-300 documentary camera: 4k and HD.
  • 6m crane with remote head and RT Motion wireless FIZ: wireless video TX-RX  Teradek Bolt Pro.
  • Elemack 2-person dolly with 50′ of track, a full circle of track (6m dia,) plus jib attachment. Wally dolly, Dayna Dolly, vertical slider.
  • Ronin-X with extension arms.
  • Lighting kit  – 1200 PAR HMI,  tungsten fresnels and open face, kinos, dedos, LED panel etc.
  • Big old van.