Hugh Turral  is a cinematographer with a keen interest in drama, comedy and documentary film.

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I am mostly working on documentary projects at the moment and over the past 18 months.

REEL 2017

Original music score by the wonderful Nick Jenkin. Many thanks to all the good people involved in all the different projects shown here. So many of you!

Here is the trailer for the sci-fi thriller Restoration (directed by Stuart Willis and produced by Toby Gibson), which is now streaming on VOD Stan: it won best cinematography at New York City Web Festival in 2017 and had nominations for best cinematography in DubWest 2017; Bilbao Seriesland, 2017; and Melbourne Web Festival, 2017.


Music by the amazingly talented David de Lio

An amusing viral ad I shot for Enamoured Iris, Directed by Paddy Hassall and Produced by Heath Garvey with thanks to Dave Williams (Steady Cam), Tom Formosa Doyle (sharps), Ian Dart and Andrew Lock (light), and Sam Hayes. It won an ACS (Vic) Gold Award in 2014.